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CalPERS LTC Program Replacement Policy Deadline Extended (Read More)

REMINDER: CSU-ERFSA Small Grant Proposals for 2021 Due October 31st at 2 PM (Read More)

Reminder - Annual Flu Shot (Read More)

CSU-ERFSA Virtual Presentation - The Chemistry and Physics of Climate Change (Read More)

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2021 Health Plan Open Enrollment (Read More)

CSU-ERFSA Announces Search for Executive Director (Read More)

Voting Has Begun in the 2021 CalPERS Board Election (Read More)

Slides and Questions and Answers from the LTC Webinar at SJSU (Read More)

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CSU-ERFSA Seeks Archivist (Read More)

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Re CalPERS LTC Program Premiums (Read More)

CalPERS LTC Program Proposed Settlement Q & A Sessions (Read More)

The CalPERS LTC Class-Action website is now live with detailed information. (Visit the site)

Article on Academic Freedom at the University of Mississippi (Read More)

CalPERS Long-Term Care Program Webinar - August 18, 2020 (Read More)

Detailed Discussion of the Proposed CalPERS LTC Class Action Settlement (Read More)

CSU-ERFSA Executive Committee endorses Tiffany Emon-Moran and Margaret Brown in 2021 CalPERS Board Election (Read More)

Details of the Proposed CalPERS Long-Term Care Program Settlement Emerge (Read More)

CalPERS Offers to Settle Long-Term Care Program Class Action Suite for $2.7 Billion (Read More)

CalPERS Reports Preliminary Investment Returns of 21.3% for FY 20-21 (Read More)

CSU-ERFSA Now Accepting Proposals for its Small Grants Program (Read More)

CSU-ERFSA Executive Committee Approves Resolution Asking CA Legislature to Protect CalPERS Long-Term Care Program Policyholders (Read More)

CalPERS Long-Term Care Program to Raise Rates by 52% in 2021 (Read More)

Bleeding Them Dry - Commentary on the CalPERS Long-Term Care Program (Read More)

Can the CalPERS Long-Term Care Program Survive? (Read More)

CSU-ERFSA Executive Committee Votes to Oppose Assembly Bill 386 (Read More)

Apple Issues Another Urgent Update for iPhones and iPads (Read More)

CalPERS Employee Embezzles $685,000 from Dormant Accounts (Read More).

Urgent Update for Apple iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches (Read More).

CSU Chancellor Castro to Keynote April 20, 2021 State Council Meeting (Read More).

Nominations Needed for CSU-ERFSA Positions (Read More)

CalPERS Announces Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) for 2021 (Read More)

Chrome Browser Security Vulnerabilities (Read More)

San Jose State University Research Survey (Read More)

CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation Funds Seven Research Grants During 2020 Grant Cycle (Read More)

2021 Income-Related Monthly Medicare Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) Reimbursement Information (Read More)

CalPERS Announces Proposed Changes to Its Long-Term Care Premiums (Read More)

2021 CalPERS Health Plan Rates for CSU Retirees (Read More)