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Long-Term Care Options from CSU-ERFSA

Recently we have received many expressions of concern about providing for long-term care both from those planning to accept the proposed CalPERS LTC class-action settlement, and from those who will be left in the CalPERS LTC program.

Those planning to accept the settlement are concerned that the LTC plan that the lawyers hope to offer will not meet their needs. Those remaining in the CalPERS LTC Program are concerned about the long-term viability of the program if the settlement is approved, as well as about future steep premium increases.

We want you to know that whichever situation applies to you, CSU-ERFSA through its benefits partner AMBA offers several different options for long-term care coverage at attractive group rates. In addition to traditional, stand-alone long-term care policies, other options are available that can provide funds to cover long-term care needs as well as providing a life-insurance benefit to your heirs or monthly income that you may need to supplement your CalPERS pension.

While it is always best to secure long-term coverage as early as possible, AMBA offers options available to CSU-ERFSA members as old as 90. All of the long-term care options available to CSU-ERFSA members through AMBA are provided by highly-rated companies licensed to operate in California.

Selecting the best long-term care option to meet your individual needs can be a daunting challenge. However, our licensed AMBA agents [Lic. CA#0196562] are experts in working with our members on an individual basis to determine the LTC options that best suit their needs.

(Note that if you are not currently a member of CSU-ERFSA we welcome new members. Membership is open to everyone who has retired from the California State University System - faculty (including those in the Faculty Early Retirement Program), staff members, and administrators so long as you are receiving a CalPERS pension based on your work with the CSU.)

So, whether you are recently retired from the CSU system or have been retired for many years we encourage you to set up a no-obligation appointment to talk with one of our AMBA agents about your long-term care needs. 

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