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CalPERS Health Plan Rates for 2022

The CalPERS heath plan rates for 2022 are now available. Generally rate changes for the Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplement to Medicare Plans have been small. However, plan coverage for both in-state and out-of-state annuitants has been improved significantly. In addition there has been some restructuring of the PERScare, PERSchoice and PERSselect supplement to Medicare options.

To see the details of these changes go to:

To see the 2022 rates for both active and retired CalPERS members choose one of the following options.

In-state Rates for 2022 (pdf)

Out-of-state Rates for 2022 (pdf)

Note that to determine your out-of-pocket costs, you will need to subtract the CSU monthly health plan contribution from the listed rates: For those with no dependents that will be $816 per month, for those retirees with one dependent the contribution will be $1,548 per month, and for those retirees with more than one dependent the contribution will $1,983 per month.

Also, use care when reading the rate charts if you have dependents who are not yet in Medicare.

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