California State University Emeritus & Retired Faculty & Staff Association


CSU-ERFSA Organization


The State Council is the governing body of CSU-ERFSA.  It includes CSU-ERFSA officers, executive committee members-at-large, delegates from campus affiliated organization, nine at-large delegates, chairs of CSU-ERFSA's standing committees, and ex officio members.  The State Council meets usually meets twice a year.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the CSU-ERFSA president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, past president, executive director, the editor of the Reporter, the CSU-ERFSA webmaster, and the Chairs of the Legislative, Health Benefits, Membership, and Grant Awards Committees.

In addition, CSU-ERFSA currently has six standing committees, an archivist, and liaisons to the California Faculty Association and the CSU Academic Senate.

The CSU-ERFSA Constitution and By-laws are available online in pdf form.

CSU-ERFSA Constitution


Administrative Staff:

The day-to-day operations of CSU-ERFSA are carried out by a small paid staff consisting of our Executive Director, and Office Manager who work out of the Retiree Center at Cal State Northridge.

Merry Pawlowski, Executive Director




Melanie Mamakos, Office Manager