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We are the only not-for-profit organization that works exclusively for the benefit of California State University System retirees. 

Please direct any inquiries to the CSU-ERFSA office staff at or Merry Pawlowski, Executive Director at

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The benefits of membership in CSU-ERFSA also include a comprehensive and competitive insurance program offered at group rates, newsletters, events, and the ability to talk to a “live” person about your membership benefits or any of CSU-ERFSA's activities on your behalf.

2023 CSU-ERFSA Small Grant Cycle Information


CSU-ERFSA has announced details of its Small Grant Program for 2023:  Proposals may be submitted anytime after July 1, 2023, but must be received by the October 31st deadline.  Notification of grant awards will be made in December of 2023.  Contact CSU-ERFSA headquarters at (818) 677-6522 or use the link below for application materials, or for more information about contributing to the CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation.

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