CSU-ERFSA Withdraws Endorsement of J.J. Jelincic

At the meeting of the CSU ERFSA Executive Committee on Thursday, August 15, 2019, the Committee, acting on behalf of the CSU ERFSA State Council, voted to withdraw its endorsement of J. J. Jelincic Jr. for election to the CalPERS Board of Administration.

The Executive Committee took this action in response to issues that have recently come to light regarding Mr. Jelincic’s harassment of female members of CalPERS staff in 2011, and the resulting reprimand that he received. Details of this were recently published by the Sacramento Bee and were not known by all members of the CSU ERFSA State Council at the time the endorsement was made.

While some members of the Executive Committee felt that Mr. Jelincic would be a good representative for issues of concern to retired CalPERS members, the majority of the Committee felt that endorsing him for election would send the message that CSU ERFSA was condoning his past behavior. The behavior for which Mr. Jelincic was reprimanded was antithetical to the values of CSU ERFSA.

The withdrawal of our endorsement from Mr. Jelincic should not be construed as an endorsement of his opponent. CSU-ERFSA now makes no endorsement in the contest between Mr. Jelincic and Mr. Jones for the open retiree seat on the CalPERS Board.