Five Proposed Amendments to the CSU-ERFA Constitution Pass by Wide Margins

The final tally of ballots on the proposed changes to the CSU-ERFA Constitution has been completed. The results were as follows:

Amendment 1: To expand membership eligibility to all retired CSU employees receiving a CalPERS pension: YES 509 (76%), NO 158 (24%)

Amendment 2: To change the name of the Association to the California State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association: YES 498 (75%), NO 165 (25%)

Amendment 3: To move the frequency of State Council Meetings to the By-Laws: YES 537 (84%), NO 104 (16%)

Amendment 4: To allow balloting on constitutional revisions by other than regular mail (e.g. email): YES 479 (72%), No 182 (28%)

Amendment 5: To require as much notice to the State Council for constitutional amendments as for changes to the by-laws: YES 611 (94%), No 37 (6%)

All of these changes are now in effect (in order to make the name change official some paperwork will need to be filed with California Secretary of State's office. This will be done as soon as possible).