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2021 CalPERS Health Plan Rates For CSU Retirees


Detailed CalPERS Health Plan Rates for CSU retirees now are available.

Included in the approved 2021 rates are the addition of a new health plan, coverage area expansions, and benefit design enhancements for specific plans.

All the Medicare Advantage plan premiums and Medicare PPO plan premiums will be modestly lower in 2021 compared to 2020, while the CSU contribution to the monthly premiums will increase slightly for 2021 compared to 2020.

There’s no COVID-19 impact to the HMO Medicare Advantage plans and the PPO Medicare Supplemental plans since COVID-19-related costs are covered by Medicare.

For 2021, the CalPERS board approved new plan and benefit changes to deliver members more choices and improve health outcomes:

  • Blue Shield Trio HMO plan will expand into Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties. This expansion benefits members in Santa Barbara county in particular, where a lower cost HMO option doesn’t currently exist.
  • Kaiser Senior Advantage will offer the supplemental benefits of post-hospital discharge meal delivery, post-discharge transportation, and routine transportation to medical care.
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage will add post-hospital discharge meal delivery, post-discharge transportation, and non-skilled in-home care benefits.
  • A new Sharp Medicare Advantage plan will be offered in San Diego County to allow members to remain in the Sharp network when they become eligible for Medicare.
  • The Anthem Blue Cross Select Medicare Advantage service area will expand to the 23-county service area covered by the Basic plan. This allows families with members in a Medicare and Basic plan the choice to remain in the Anthem network. .......

Actual out-of-pocket costs to CSU retirees for the various health plans depends on several factors including whether or not the retiree is enrolled in Medicare (that includes most CalPERS retirees 65 years of age or older) or is in a CalPERS basic health plan (retirees under 65), and the number of dependents on the retiree's health plan, whether or not one or more dependents is eligible for Medicare, and the CSU's monthly health benefit contribution. For 2021, the CSU will contribute $798 each month to retirees with no dependents, $1,519 per month to retirees with a single dependent, and $1,937 a month for retirees with 2 or more dependents. These contributions are slightly higher than the CSU contributed in 2020.

The following charts show all the different premium amounts for both active and retired CSU employees.

2021 In-State Health Plan Premiums

2021 Out-of-State Health Plan Premiums

Note: To obtain your out-of-pocket expense, you need to subtract the CSU monthly contribution from the numbers listed in the charts.


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