Nominations Sought for Retiree Member of the CSU Academic Senate

CSU-ERFSA is seeking nominations, including self-nominations, for the position of Emeriti Academic Senator. This person is the statewide Academic Senate’s retired faculty representative. Candidates should be willing to attend the Academic Senate’s monthly meetings either in Long Beach or via video conferencing. Qualifications are a minimum of two years of prior service on the Academic Senate of the CSU (statewide Academic Senate) and an interest in the position.

The emeritus member of the ASCSU has full voting rights as any other Senator. They serve on a standing committee after the first year of service and may serve on systemwide committees. Travel and other expenses are paid by the ASCSU. CSU-ERFSA expects the emeritus senator to ensure that the resolutions approved by the ASCSU take into account the needs of retired faculty and include CSU-ERFSA in the distribution list where appropriate. The emeriti faculty representative is responsible for keeping CSU-ERFSA informed about what actions the ASCSU has taken, doing so in part by writing a report on the senate’s work for each issue of The Reporter, as well as periodic reports for the State Council and executive committee. The term is three years. The faculty member may be eligible for 3 units of assigned time if they are in the FERP program.

The standing committees of the statewide Academic Senate are the Academic Affairs Committee, the Academic Preparation and Education Programs Committee, the Faculty Affairs Committee, and the Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee. First-year senators are welcome to observe one or more of the committees prior to their assignment to a committee for the second and third years of their term.

The CSU-ERFSA nominations committee screens the applications and forwards a maximum of two candidates for the position to the CSU-ERFSA State Council meeting on October 27th. The State Council makes the final decision. The council is most likely going to meet via Zoom on that day. Candidates will be asked to prepare a half page biography relative to their qualifications for this position. Nominees should also address the following questions. Why are you interested in the position? What skills and experience do you bring to the position? What would you like to accomplish in terms of CSU ERFSA while you are in the position?

Candidates will also have up to five minutes to address the State Council and may prepare additional information to send to State Council voting delegates.

The deadline for submitting this written information is 5 pm PST on September 21st. It should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the subject line please put “Statewide Retired Faculty Representative on the ASCSU.” The current retired faculty representative on the ASCSU will not be running for reelection.

The CSU-ERFSA nominations committee met in the spring to determine procedures and qualifications for the positions of treasurer and statewide Academic Senate retired faculty representative. Subsequent to the meeting Sue Holl of CSU Sacramento expressed an interest in the treasurer position and was approved on an interim basis by the executive committee at its meeting in August. Members of the committee are Barry Pasternack, chair, Ted Anagnoson, and Harry Sharp.