Uploading Your IRMAA Documents Directly to Your My|CalPERS Account

We have received a number of questions about how to upload your request for additional reimbursement for Medicare Part B IRMAA through your My|CalPERS account.

Your webmaster logged into his My|CalPERS account, and like those submitting questions was unable see an easy way to upload the documents required, so he queried CalPERS about the process a fortnight ago and finally received the following response (after the CalPERS response I have added step-by-step instructions for clarity):

From: CalPERS

Date: 12/27/2019

Thank you for contacting the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

Below is some basic instructions we send to members who write in asking for help uploading their IRMAA letters.

If you have a letter that states what your Medicare Part B premium will be for 2020, including the IRMAA amount, you may send it to us via your online account under the “Health” tab. Then, look under “Health Plan Summary.” Next, for a link to “Submit Documents.” Follow the instructions and “Browse” your computer to find your scanned documents. That feature is only for IRMAA letters.

It can take us between 30-60 days to process IRMMA requests. Or, you can mail it to us at:

CalPERS – Medicare Unit
P.O. Box 942715
Sacramento, CA 94229-2715

Or, fax it to us. Our fax number is (800) 959-6545.

Please do send all pages.

Step-By-Step Instructions for uploading:

1) Scan your documents into your computer. Be sure to include the cover letter that CalPERS sent you. It includes a bar code that speeds up the reimbursement process. Also be sure to scan all pages of your letter from Social Security that includes the amount your IRMAA will be for 2020.

2) Log in to your My|CalPERS account.

3) Click on the "Health" tab.

4) Scroll down the page to the section entitled "Health Plan Summary" where you will see the following sentence:

Do you qualify for an adjustment on your Medicare Part B reimbursement? Go to Submit Documents to send us your Social Security notice and find out if you're eligible. For more information, visit Reimbursement of Premiums Opens in a new window on our website.

The phrases shown here in red are links.

Click on the "Submit Documents" link in that sentence to go to the page where you can upload the documents from your computer.