CSU Enhanced Retiree Dental Plans, Hearing Aids, LASIK for 2020

The CSU offers its retirees a choice of a basic PPO dental plan through Delta Dental or a basic HMO dental plan through DeltaCare USA (California residents only) at no charge. If you want to continue with your current basic dental plan, no action is required on your part. (However, continue to read this article for information about additional benefits that have been added to the basic plans.)

For 2020 the CSU is offering retirees the option of enrolling in enhanced dental plans for a small monthly premium. The enhanced retiree plans offer benefits that essentially are the same as the plans for active members. The CSU is covering approximately two-thirds of the cost of the enhanced PPO plan and approximately 75% of the cost of the enhanced HMO plan. With the CSU contribution, the cost to the retire for the enhanced plans are as follows:

Delta Dental PPO Voluntary Enhanced II: Retiree only $15.70 per month, retiree + one dependent $29.30 per month, retire + 2 or more dependents $53.84 per month.

DeltaCare USA Voluntary Enhanced: Retiree only $6.49 per month, retire + one dependent $10.55 per month, retiree + two or more dependents $15.45 per month.

The CSU also is offering benefit enhancements for both the basic and enhanced dental plans at no cost for 2020 for certain diagnostic and preventive services that will not count against your annual plan maximums.

In addition Delta Dental is offering the following value added features for 2020

Access to hearing aid discounts offered through Amplifon- Hearing Health Care which offers discounts on top hearing aid brands offering a 62% average savings off retail hearing aid pricing with a choice of leading hearing aid brands and thousands of hearing care providers.

QualSight which offers LASIK services that has preferred pricing on LASIK eye surgery with a 40-50% discount off the national average price of Traditional LASIK at over 1000 LASIK locations with credentialed surgeons that have collectively performed 6.5 million procedures.

To enroll visit amplifonusa.com/deltadentalins​ or by calling (888) 779-1429 for Amplifon and visit qualsight.com/-delta-dental​ or call (855) 248-2020.

Again, if you want to continue with your basic retiree dental plan for 2020, no action is required on your part.

However, if you want to enroll in one of the enhanced dental plans for 2020, you will need to fill out a form and send it to CalPERS by October 4, 2019. You can find the form along with a comparison of benefits on the CSU Open Enrollment page for 2020.